Monday, December 26, 2011

How To Write a Contemporary Romance Novel – Introduction and Tips

Do you want to learn how to write a contemporary romance novel, but you don't understand or you don't know what makes a contemporary romance story? Then read this article because we will talk about the basics and the essentials of contemporary love story. We will also discuss some things that can help you write a wonderful and catchy story. I will also give you some tips that can help you find a place to write comfortably. This article is for complete beginners and for those people who are interested to know more about contemporary romance novel. Anyway enough talk, let's start our little introduction about contemporary romance novel.
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What is a contemporary romance novel?

Contemporary romance is one of the types or variants of romance novels. As we all know contemporary simply means modern time or present time. Love stories or novel written with the concept of World War II is considered as contemporary because it was written or based that time. Most writers write a story based on true events, real places and real situation which is good because they are being realistic and they can even attract more readers. Realistic stories are quite popular because many people can relate to the situation and that makes them read more books.

Sometimes even when you know how to write a novel, you also need to know the things the things that compose a certain genre or should I say, you need to know what contemporary romance is. This will give you more idea about the story that you are about to write.

Writer's Mentality

Being a writer can be hard for some people because some find it tedious and they tend to give up. Do you have what it takes to be a writer?
Patience – Writing is time consuming and it will take you weeks, months or even years.
Focus – You need to focus on your story to be consistent with the story flow. You also need to avoid distraction because it is the main factor that destroys concentration.
Motivation – You need to write what you like. You need to be motivated enough to write the story. Readers can tell if you are motivated or not.
Confidence – Do not be afraid because it is your story, you are the one who will created and finish it.
Enthusiasm – This is the most important thing that you should remember. You should do what you like so that the task will be easy for you, same goes to writing, you need to write what you like. Don't force yourself because it will be hard for you and your readers can also feel that you are not being enthusiastic.

Tips Before You Start:
Find a comfortable place where you can write freely without distraction and other stuff.
Keep your books with you because this is where you will get your influences and inspiration in writing romance novels.
Go out and explore. This will give you more ideas and inspiration in writing.

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